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AAA/GATE Programs

Accelerated Academic Achievement (AAA) & Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

These programs and placement are for students identified through various sources of data as high or advanced achievers.

For more information, visit the CUSD AAA/GATE website

AAA/GATE students, as all Bergeson children, are considered scholars. Expectations for demonstrating Scholarly Attributes are higher for our identified AAA/GATE students.

  • Marian Bergeson Elementary School AAA/GATE Coordinator
  • CUSD AAA/Resource Teacher, Elementary: Mrs. Katie Robinson
  • CUSD AAA/Resource Teacher, Secondary: Mrs. Susan Peterson

Visit the Capistrano Unfied School District AAA/GATE Website Calendar of Events, Testing Dates and Parent Resources CUSD AAA/GATE website.

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